Send files by email through your browser


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Imagine you're in an internet cafe or using borrowed computer and you urgently need to send a file via email. In these cases, setting up your mail in an insecure system is not recommended.

Yousendit is a web application that allows you, without having to configure your email account, send files by email quickly and easily.

The process is very fast, even if you are using the system for the first time. Registration is required, but it is done quickly and without disturbing the process of sending the file.

You can attach the subject and message body as if you were writing a normal email, but these data are optional.

The file will be uploaded automatically, displaying a progress bar of the upload. Through email and on-screen instructions the progress of the process will be reported.

As if this were not enough, Yousendit also now allows you to go upload files into directories and sign documents, all through the online application.